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Turning your lost visitors into your best clients

All you need to do is add a tracking code on the pages of your website. This code drops an anonymous cookie in your visitors' browser and creates lists of audiences who have visited your website.

Pre Retargeting

Capture Competitors Visitors - Increase Your Retargeting List

Capture audiences from any url's or websites that you don't own or can't access to add retargeting tag.

Audience Capture

It’s a party, and we make sure everyone gets invited

Create and capture audiences, segment your list to retarget them again.Capture people who visit your sites, click on your banners or events links or even open your emails.

Display Campaign

A multi-pronged ad attack that works as hard as you do

Retargeting Base is the best marketing solution to target users with display banner ads,

Video Campaign

A multi-pronged ad attack that works as hard as you do

Target people across all formats including: pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll,in-banner or in-stream, social, mobile, tablet Wi-Fi and connected TV.

Mobile Campaign

Everyone has a phone in their pocket, which means you’re in their pocket

Target Mobile users, deliver the ads only to mobile devices like smartphones and pads.

Contextual Targeting

You give us the key words, we give you the keys to grow

Our systems scans the text of a website for keywords you target and places your Ads on those webpage based on those keywords.

Facebook Targeting

Your brand deserves to be shared, let’s go viral together

expand the reach of your retargeting and targeted your audiences across Facebook's. Facebook retargeting is a way to get more reach and more ROI from your first-party cookie data.

Hyperlocal Targeting

Precision ads for your detail-orientated marketing campaigns

Some mobile apps are location-aware, giving you the ability to target people based on their exact location, using GPS coordinates.

Self-serve ad platform for marketing and agencies

9 Targeting Methods

Exactly as you need

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