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Retargeting Social Audiences

CAPTURE Audiences from Links you share

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  • Sharing links on social networks and other places?

    Every time you share links about your offers or even 3rd party articles, affiliates products, things you like and want to promote you invest time, money energy, but do all the users are taken the action? and arrive to your landing page? now you can capture them.

  • Start Capture interested people who click your links!

    Every time people click on links you shared, they show interest with your product or offer, with Event Link tool You will be able to first tag them with retargeting pixel and add them to an audience list, only then redirect them to the destination page.

  • Retargeting them back Promote and get new users

    Once you capture those audiences you can follow them with banners ads and attract them with offers, products, or even new promotion by retarget them, lead them to your landing page get new users and more sales.

  • Get more Profit and Increase Conversions

    It doesn't matter how much traffic you have, a little or a lot by using and sharing event-links you can keep growing your audience pool, this snow ball will keep grow, and capture new audiences! that's why we built the FREE Event-Link-Capture to give you the advantage you need right now!

Where To Capture Audience
With Event Link Tool?

  • Retargeting Social Media Reader!

    Using Retargeting Event Links Extractor when sharing content on social media you can capture audiences that clicked on your links, even if you share 3rd party articles.
  • Retargeting Affiliate Products Viewer!

    Capture anyone that click on you affiliates links, before redirect them to the sale page, add them to your retargeting list to keep retarget them.
  • Retargeting CTA Clickers!

    Create CTA buttons and use them on your pages to segment and capture audiences based on the behavior, retarget and show them the Ads.

How Does Retargeting Event Links Work?

Create links that first will segment the user with retargeting tag then only redirect him.

Once you create new retargeting audience list at Retargeting Base, you can create an Event Link as well, you will just need to add the redirect link and the hyper-text, and you will get a new link to share or a button to use on your page, now every time you share the Retargeting Event Link, the user will be captured with retargeting pixel tag will be added to the user's browser once they click on a link.

To find out more about the process, check out this guide to creating Retargeting Event Links by Retargeting Base.

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